Being able to explore Sao Paulo from a local citizen's perspective is an unique experience. Vossa Bossa Stay offers short term rental options available in some of the most traditional neighborhoods of Sao Paulo, such as: Pines, Jardins, Bela Vista and Consolacao. See our options:

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Copan Cosmo: 24th Floor Charm

1 Room Max 2 persons

On the 24th floor of the Copan Building, this apartment blends modernist charm with contemporary comfort. It features spacious rooms and plenty of natural light, offering stunning views of São Paulo. A full kitchen and a queen-siz...

New York Copan: view from the 23rd floor

1 Room Max 2 persons

Welcome to your own little piece of New York, right in the heart of São Paulo! If you've always dreamed of experiencing the vibrant New York lifestyle, now you can experience it all without leaving Brazil. We present our themed ap...

Estúdio Pink Flowers Copan: vista do 22º andar

1 Room Max 2 persons

Live an immersion experience in Rosa in the Heart of São Paulo!

Welcome to our enchanting Flowers studio, where every corner is a dreamy Instagram scene! Situated in the iconic Copan Building, in the beating heart of downtown São ...

Itaim Bibi | 2 bedrooms | Garage

2 Rooms Max 4 persons

Discover São Paulo in the comfort of Itaim Bibi.

Welcome to our spacious apartment in the heart of Itaim Bibi, one of the most prestigious areas in São Paulo. Ideal for those seeking comfort and convenience, our 2-bedroom apartmen...

Studio close to Sírio Libanês and Av. Paulista

1 Room Max 2 persons

The studio is complete and has a super cozy concept with a modern feel, being one of today's favorite aesthetics, due to its functionality and comfort. Its location is privileged, being surrounded by sought-after and busy places i...